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January 08 2018

Have your ever asked yourself, what a modern platform for digital text would look like? is a new platform for textual content. It provides a secure Web Reader for Mobile and Desktop Clients with seamless User Experience. Data driven business models are supported by the Reader Analytics Dashboard. is Browser Reading. eBooks or eMagazines can be read in an arbitrary Web Browser. Consumers don’t have to install an App or Desktop software. They open an address in their browser and start reading directly. Since delivers the content directly to the Web Browser, the displayed information can be altered dynamically. can embed ads tailored to the users’ reading behavior. is Secure Content Delivery. Web Browsers are flexible but quite insecure delivery platforms. The user can easily store content which is held in the Browser’s memory. For this reason, onliy delivers small chunks of content. Ust enough for the Browser to display it and paginate fluently. This approach makes it much more difficult for users to easily download the content. The Team monitors the platform continuously and improves the security mechanisms based on the monitoring results. is Seamless User Experience. The users can use the Web Reader on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktop computers. It’s also possible to switch between these devices at any time, as reading progress, bookmarks etc. are automatically synchronized. is Customizing. The platform will be shipped as a set of components. You choose, which of them fits your needs, embed it into your solution an customize the look & feel. Although is currently a Browser based solution, SKDs for iOS and Android will be available in late 2018. If you want to integrate’s seamless eReading technology into your custom mobile app, feel free to do so. is Reader Analytics. The platform collects all user events, makes it anonymous and stores it in a central Analytics Repository. The Reader Analytics Dashboard allows to aggregate events and gain insights on the reader’s behavior. The aggregated facts contain for example:

  • reading times – What hour of the day is the most active one for your readers?
  • book heatmap that shows how often the pages have been read
  • list of top bookmarked pages that shows the most interesting pages of a book

Furthermore, these facts can drive decisions for the dynamic content enrichment. Is the reader interested in bedtime readings? Embed an appropriate in-eBook-Ad into his next book. is Quick Start. We try to avoid the “Please contact our sales team”-approach. When is publicly available, you will just need a login and your credit card for starting. Of course, you can contact our professional service if you like. We feel happy to guide you through the world of is a Service of the content experts at cosee. cosee has been around since 2009 and has a wide experience in building content delivery and content protection solutions for digital media (images, eBooks, music, audiobooks, videos).

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