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August 28 2018

Did you ever read a book in the Browser? Not only parts of a text but a whole book, without installing an App or a Desktop Software. If you now wonder how this should work, then you are in the right place. We explain you the basic structure of Browser Reading and their advantages.

The increasing digitalization of media and the shift of the social life into the Internet “forces” the publishers to rethink and to offer their books in digital forms. Until recently, it was necessary to install an App or Software to read a Book on the Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop. But that will change.

A lot of users do not want to install an App to read only a part of a book which is interesting or relevant to them. Publishers need to rethink the distribution of their books as users do not necessarily want to read the whole book anymore.

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Imagine, a potential consumer reads a preview of your book in the Web Browser, finds the extract interesting and would like to read on but it is too cumbersome to install an App just for one book or even chapter. Therefore, he leaves the page without any further interaction. For your readers it would be an enormous advantage if they could continue reading the book with just one click – no matter if they start reading on the Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

What accommodates the readers as well: They do not have to carry heavy books with them. The Smartphone is usually in the pockets or handbag and always close at hand to read on directly.

What do I need to use it?

Let’s put it this way: You do not need an App to read in the Browser. In addition, you do not need an eReader to use the Browser Reading function. The only thing you need is a Browser. Nowadays every device has one and so it can be used everywhere and almost every time.

After all, 80 % of the Germans and 66 % worldwide use Smartphones, but not even 10 % have eReaders. That shows us how important it is to be able to read a book on your smartphone and, at best, in the Browser.


You are not bound to a certain device as well. It is possible to switch between several devices whenever you want to.

The user wants to read on a chapter on the go or just wants to check up a certain figure, then he has the possibility to open the chapter on his Smartphone and just read on. Hereby, it does not matter if he has previously read on the Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone. The problem with a lot of eReaders is that you need the right App or Desktop Software to read a particular book or chapter.

With it is different – our motto is: Do not waste your time and start reading right away.

How can I use it?

Let’s see how a sample user journey may look like. After the reading sample is over, the reader should click on a button which sends them to the publisher’s Website. On the Website they can, as long as they have an eReader or rather the right App, download the book by clicking on another redirecting button. After about four clicks they can finally read the book, which they were looking for. Sounds like a complicated and long process.

With you can provide your book to your readers with one click, so that they can start reading books without much effort or delay. They can read e.g. one page as reading sample and then only have to click on the button to activate the rest of the book. They neither need an eReader, nor are they redirected to another page.

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Ads can be integrated as well. They are adapted to the reading behavior and match with the content of the book. Therefore, it is possible to share and link without any media break.

What are my advantages of Browser Reading?

As already mentioned earlier, you do not need an App to read in the Browser. Furthermore, your readers can access the book from anywhere. The navigation of the reader is simple and self-explanatory. There is no need for a long and detailed introduction. In addition, the application and text representation are responsive. That means, no matter what screen size your device has, the layout adjusts to your screen size for the best reading experience. So, you do not have to worry about which device to read your book on. You can easily start reading on any device and continue and end reading on another device of your choice.

No matter which device is used, reading progress is being stored and synchronized, as well as bookmarks. That means, readers may start on one device and continue on another.

In short, all your activities are synchronized with the used devices, so that none of the data gets lost.

One may ask: “Is Browser Reading secure or are the readers able to easily download my content?” To counteract the unauthorized storage, we deliver only small packages of the content. But this does not prevent the readers to scroll fluently. With this approach of only delivering small units of content instead of the whole book, it is more difficult to store the content.

Security Tablet

An example

Peter is sitting with his tablet on the couch and is currently reading an interesting book about “CRM Marketing”. As he reads, he notices some pages that might be interesting for his colleagues as well and that he could use for a presentation the next day. He sets bookmarks on those interesting passages, closes the eBook and puts his tablet aside.

On the next day in the bus on his way to work, he pulls his Smartphone out of his backpack, opens the book from yesterday’s evening and continues reading. He sets more bookmarks on interesting graphs.

When he arrives at the office, he first answers some e-mails and talks to his colleagues before he prepares the presentation. Parallel to the presentation he opens the eBook “CRM Marketing”. The book opens exactly where he stopped reading in the bus.


He uses the set of bookmarks to be guided through his presentation.

Peter could easily switch between the devices and had no effort. He neither had to memorize the pages with the exciting graphs, nor did he have to memorize the page where he stopped reading.


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