Browser Reading – Give your book a Web Address

28 August 2018

Did you ever read a book in the Browser? Not only parts of a text but a whole book, without installing an App or a Desktop Software. If you…

Reader Analytics helps you to understand your readers better

19 June 2018

The digitalization of books is an intensely discussed topic in the publishing industry. It has been discussed a lot for the last months and…

How eBook creators can be inspired by other digital business models

24 May 2018

“What we can state today, at the current tipping point in the digital transition between the first and the second decade of the ebook, is… went to Frankfurt Book Fair

12 April 2018

We have also been there, where the whole world of literature met at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2017. For five days you could talk…

"To scroll" translated into Welsh - seamless reading as a Standard

19 March 2018

Just in time for the Book Fair, launched a platform dedicated to “seamless reading”, “Reader Analytics” and “Micro Content”. In…

Hello! We are

08 January 2018

Have your ever asked yourself, what a modern platform for digital text would look like? is a new platform for textual content . It…

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